Dan Amrhein

Dan Amrhein
Graduate Student
BA, Physics, Columbia College, Columbia University, 2009
Bio and Interests

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in physical oceanography interested in the dynamics of the ocean and climate on long time scales (hundreds to thousands of years). Using data from sediment cores, ice cores, and other paleoclimate archives, I am working to construct and test simple hypotheses about the response of the ocean to perturbations both local (such as Heinrich ice-rafting events) and global (the last deglaciation). Some basic questions I am interested in are:
1. How and how quickly can watermass pathways in the deep ocean be altered?
2. How does the ocean circulation filter time series of chemical tracer concentration at the surface as they are transmitted to the deep ocean?
3. What is the relationship between frequency and wavenumber on long time scales in the ocean?
4. What, if anything, can we conclude from the paleoclimate record about the ocean's capacity for abrupt change?

Some people interested in similar questions at MIT and WHOI are
Holly Dail: http://web.mit.edu/hdail/www/
Jake Gebbie: http://www.whoi.edu/profile.do?id=ggebbie
Olivier Marchal: http://www.whoi.edu/profile.do?id=omarchal

Smerdon, J.E., A. Kaplan, and D.E. Amrhein (2010)
Journal Citation
Journal of Climate, 23, 5548-5554
Amy S. Bower, Ross M. Hendry, Daniel E. Amrhein, and Jonathan M. Lilly
Journal Citation
Deep Sea Research II, Submitted
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