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Ben Weiss, Assoc. Professor of Planetary Sciences

Planetary scientist Benjamin Weiss is conducting laboratory magnetic studies on rocks from Mars, the Moon, and Earth to understand the evolution of planets, magnetism, and life more

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New Professorship Announced read more

Spiraling Around Earthquakes: The 2015 William F. Brace Lecture "The Inference Spiral of Earthquake System Science" presented by Thomas Jordan: Looking back at a special EAPS event. Read More

Five from EAPS are Environmental Solutions Initiative Seed Grant Winners: Projects involving Glenn Flierl, Noelle Selin, Colette Heald, Shuhei Ono and Roger Summons are among nine selected to receive seed funding. Read More


No DLS this week - Enjoy Spring break

Next DLS - Constraining Io’s Interior from Electromagnetic Induction, Krishan Khurana (University of California, Los Angeles), April 1 | 3:45 pm | 54-915 MORE


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