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Geologist Oliver Jagoutz is concerned with the origin and evolution of the lithosphere, research that includes field work, petrology, isotope chemistry, structural geology and major and trace element geochemistry MORE

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Measuring Rare Methane Isotopologues: Shuhei Ono and his team report a new way of unlocking molecular information by measuring the abundance of the doubly substituted isotopologue of methane, 13CH3D. Read More

New SMAP Satellite Makes Measuring Soil Moisture a Snap: Read an interview with Dara Entekhabi, team leader for NASA’s Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite mission, scheduled to launch January 29, 2015, which will use microwave instruments to measure the water content of the planet’s soil. Read More

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2014 Houghton Lecture Series, Gabriel Vecchi, GFL | Oct 15/22/29 | 10:00 am | 54-915 more

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