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EAPS congratulates to Samuel Bowring, Robert R. Shrock Professor of Geology, and Sara Seager, Class of 1941 Professor of Physics and Planetary Sciences, on their election to the American National Academy of Sciences more

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New Professorship Announced read more

Uncovering a Diverse Invisible Ocean World: Mick Follows, Christopher Hill, and Oliver Jahn have been using model simulations to interpret the results from the TARA Oceans Expedition to sample plankton around the globe from a sailing ship. Read More

Indian Subcontinent’s Quake-Causing Collision Course: Oliver Jagoutz talks to the NY Times about his recent Nature Geoscience paper co-authored with Leigh Royden and others. Read More


Houghton Lecture 4 (of 6) - Stratospheric Water Vapor Dr. William Randel (NCAR) | May 28 | 11am - 12pm | 54-915 more

2015 EAPS Student Awards more


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